For Christmas 2017 we wanted to take Australian Geographic out of this world! Conceptually we focussed on the great range of products they have – new technologies and fantastic gifts. What would Christmas be like in the future with technology progressing as it is? Christmas trees beamed down from above? Decorating robots? Teleporting presents? Whatever it looks like we know Australian Geographic will be making it happen.

The campaign covered various digital components including 3 sets of EDMs, in-store promotional material, and a variety of web assets. These were all created to compliment the 24 page consumer catalogue, designed to reflect Christmas and a cheeky sense of fun; Anki Cozmo, a must-have gift in 2017, brings the Christmas spirit on every spread in his own irreverent style…

The result has been a cohesive campaign with great consumer engagement. Catalogues have been flying off the shelves in store, and the feedback has been hugely positive.

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