What we do

Established in 2013, we’re a full service creative agency.

At Point ideas are paramount – ideas that are marked by boundless imagination and initiative. We ensure our ideas work to reveal the very essence of a brand and unlock its full potential. From here, we craft our ideas into something exceptional.


This is where it all starts – the essential ground work for an effective campaign. 

A successful campaign strategy is directly tied to our understanding of your brand and your services, and how they need to be perceived in the market. We build this understanding by asking a lot of questions and doing our research. We want to know where you’re coming from, your goals, aspirations and targets. We need to examine your competitors and what else is going on in what’s probably a busy market.

We then transform this insight into an innovative and concise plan that becomes the pivoting point to move your brand forward. We’ll discuss with you the best way to get market cut through, developing clear plans and deliverables.

Our Expertise

At Point we have a team that comes from a diverse range of design backgrounds, which means that we have experience in a large number of fields within the design spectrum. 

Whether you’re looking for new branding, a creative overhaul or standout collateral we’re your team.

We’ve built creative documents for the corporate sector, designed eye-catching look-books for boutique fashion houses, rolled out beautiful packaging across a range of products and worked with some of Australia’s biggest retailers to make their sales pop.

Whatever you’re after we can help.

Our Disciplines

Our areas of expertise break down to three key areas:

Point - Ideas, strategy & expertise Fisher&Paykel_catalogue


Booklets, magazines, flyers, posters, small format to large format – we do it all.

If you need assistance with die-lines we’re your team, and we love deciding on the perfect finishes to make your creative pop.

Point - Ideas, strategy & expertise PSC


Whether it’s responsive websites or app design, we love designing it.

We will look at your requirements and develop a strategy to optimise your messages and create the best user experience.


If you have a story to tell video is becoming an increasingly viable and affordable way of telling it.

Whether you’re looking for a showpiece short, a behind-the-scenes reel or an animated infographic we can help.