Our Craft

At Point we have a team that comes from a diverse range of design backgrounds, which means that we have experience in a large number of fields within the design spectrum.

Our ideas are paramount – ideas that are marked by boundless imagination and initiative. We ensure our ideas work to reveal the very essence of a brand and unlock its full potential. From here, we craft our ideas into something exceptional.

We work hard to understand what you need to achieve your goals, then we bring it to life through innovative design. Please scroll down for more detailed information on our capabilities >

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This is where it all starts – the essential ground work for an effective campaign. 

A successful campaign strategy is directly tied to our understanding of your brands or services and how they need to be perceived in the market. We do this by asking a lot of questions and doing our research.

We then transform this insight into an innovative and concise plan that becomes the pivoting point to move your brands or services forward.
The next step is to craft original, relevant solutions.


Great branding and visual identity is the cornerstone of any successful business.

In today’s busy market it’s so important to make clear the differentiation and relevance of your business, and at Point we know how to do that. We work with you to learn what really sets you apart and then bring that to life in a visual and dynamic way.


This is one of the areas where we shine.

Strategic planning and good design coupled with outstanding photography by our sister brand Pixel is the key to creating exceptional printed catalogues.

Our abilities also extend to digital. Working in collaboration with Colourpedia, another brand in our portfolio, we are able to transform the printed catalogue page into a fully interactive digital experience.


Innovative and creative solutions.

When it comes to the creation of video for digital, mobile or broadcast distribution the key is to ensure the content is engaging, entertaining, educational and evokes emotions that is sharable and also has walkability.

At Point we aim to bring your brand message to life with content that cuts through the cluttered digital, mobile and broadcast channels, driving your audience from passive viewer to taking action and engaging with your brand.


Making your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Packaging design influences people every time they shop – probably more than they realise! Therefore it’s important to cut through the clutter, and that’s what we aim to do at Point.

We work hard to make sure that our packaging is designed to appeal to the target market, whilst also conveying the quality of the product and all its relevant information.


Be bold.

When it comes to retail display the key is to make a clear bold statement that highlights the very best of the brand and gets people into the store.

At Point we aim to bring the brand to life with beautiful eye-catching design that stands out on the busy high street, turning those passers-by into customers.

Experiential Design

Become a part of the experience.

Our goal for an effective installation concept and design is to encourage visitors to feel that they are part of the experience, instead of an outsider looking in.

They should take away a good feeling and enough relevant information about the brand to make a positive purchasing decision.


Letting your collection speak for itself.

When working with fashion designers, first and foremost we get to know their brand and what they’re saying with their collections, only then do we take that and apply it to the job at hand.

Whether developing the creative for a campaign, or working out the details in a lookbook, our designs compliment the fashion – reinforcing the brand whilst not overpowering the collection that is on display.