We love creative

Established in 2013, we’re a full service creative agency. At Point ideas are paramount – ideas that are marked by boundless imagination and initiative. We ensure our ideas work to reveal the very essence of a brand and unlock its full potential. From here, we craft our ideas into something exceptional.

Meet the family

When you work with Point, you don’t just get a creative agency, you get access to the entire SBM family.

This means your creative campaigns can be shot and produced by one of Sydney’s largest and most high tech photography facilities in Pixel Studios. Working in close conjunction with Point’s creative strategy, Pixel brings the creative to life through our extensive line of full time photographers, stylists and art directors.

It also means that the innovation in our photography and creative is enhanced by another one of our brands, Colourpedia.

A specialist provider of emerging post production technologies such as CGI, retouching, colour management, app development and pre-media, we can always rely on Colourpedia to turn work around quickly and effectively.

While most organisations would outsource anything prior to or after the creative process, we manage the entire campaign in-house, including the print production.

Printing is managed by our specialist digital print brand, Indigo Print Centre, or one of our sister offset printing companies in the IPMG family.

Technology plays a big part in all that we create and while much of this technology happens behind the scenes, our specialist technology brand SAAS ensures that the entire production process is made possible through the use of our home grown technology products.